Elisabeth Steel Reurink

Alexandra's Story


March 9, 2009

Elisabeth. She is my leader, she is my strength and joy, she is my sister, friend, and companion throughout my life.

When I was learning she was my teacher. When I was doing something wrong she was my disciplinarian. When I was crying she played the part as a mother too. When I needed or even wanted something she would move heaven and earth to get it for me.

That is not an easy part to fill but she managed never less because I was worth it in her eyes.

I have heard many people have different ways to describe her but I have two words to describe all of her…: `God sent.`

She could go anywhere and have people admire her, her knowledge, and her love. Her eyes always had the sparkle of the innocence of a child and a heart of gold.

She was my older sister.

Though I can no longer touch her I can see and hear her. No one, not even God, can take away the memories she has left me with. The way she would out smart everyone on every possible thing you can think of - yet would still leave you with a good feeling. She could make you feel proud of yourself for no reason at all besides for just being you.

I remember when my mom wanted to cut down the little trees and shrubs right around our cottage. When she got our friend to actually do it, we all cried and cried because our magical forest was being cut down. Elisabeth went outside leaving Katherine and me. She came back about 2 min later and took our hand and led us outside. We walked past all the spots cut out of the brush and went right into the dense forest. Elisabeth took us to this place full of moss and a rock mountain. We all sat down and she turned to us and said. "This is where we will have our new adventures. This is our Never Land. This is where our dreams will come from."


My sister, still a child so young, held the wisdom of many years. I will go back to that place and I will dream she is sitting right there next to me…. ready for another adventure.

Elisabeth is a perfectionist. She strived for the best - little did she know that she already hit it just by being herself. She will never die if someone still loves her and thinks of her. I will.

I love you.


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