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Katherine's Story


March 9, 2009

Since my date of birth, on January 2nd, I knew that I had a special family, but more especially, 2 loving, caring sisters. One who is half of me, my twin sister Alexandra, and another, a role-model, a mentor, and a big sister: Elisabeth.

Ever since I could see, Elisabeth always believed that she had to take care of me because I was her littlest sister. When mom said that I could do something and she didn't agree, she would constantly rebut against mom explaining that I just shouldn't be doing that. Sometimes it was as small as that lip-gloss I wanted to wear to a birthday party. But through out all of these little disagreements, I have realized that it was all because she loved me and cared for me.

Elisabeth also believed that she needed to make sure all of me was neatly put together. Where would this all start?... but from my bedroom! When my room got messy she would constantly sneak in and straighten up all of my stuff and put away all of the clothing that I had hung up on the floor. This in turn allowed for Elisabeth to hide excess clothing that she no longer wanted in my drawers. Months later when I would find that clothing, and I, would in turn, re-hide it in her room. Within 12 hours of hiding it, I would return to my room to find it lying on my bed.
Elisabeth always liked to push the limit and get her fair share of fun. In the summer of 2008 my sisters, I and some friends were sleeping up in the sleep-camp (bunk-house). I slept in a lot later than everyone else because I went to sleep a lot later than everyone that night so Elisabeth decided to wake me up…but in a rather creative manner.

As I lay with my head on the pillow, Elisabeth runs in saying "Katherine! Time to get up!" I continued to sleep and ignored her, but that was a bbbbiiiiiggggggg mistake! She pulled out a water gun from behind her back and squirted me in the face. I woke up abruptly and was ready to pulverize her. But I decided the best idea was to strike back and get my revenge later that night. While she was just saying good night to everyone in the cottage, Alexandra, Ellie, John and I quickly ran up to the sleep-camp and put Bunny, her favourite stuffed animal, in a noose and left a suicide letter hanging from her leg.

When Elisabeth came in she started to laugh and then took Bunny down and went to bed. She thought that that was my big revenge, but that was just a tiny part of it. Once asleep, Alexandra and I tied a worm, which Alexandra named Walter the Worm, to a string and went over to Elisabeth. Alexandra held my camera filming the whole situation and I dangled the worm in front of her face. We gave her a nudge and she woke up to see the worm millimeters from her face. She made some not so pleasant remarks and then hit the worm away from her face and pitched poor Walter across the room. The next morning when she woke up, she came over to me and said "Katherine I had the weirdest dream! I thought you were dangling a worm in front of my face!" I burst out laughing and she then realized that it actually had happened. She too laughed and we called a truce.

I have to admit that I have always been competitive, especially with Elisabeth. From a very young age Elisabeth would always come home saying "Look Mommy! Another 4+!" This meant that I had to find a way to challenge her. Once when she came home, when I was 10, and showed mom another test in which she had done perfectly on, I told her that Mom had been talking to me earlier on and shared some very secret information that I was not tell anyone, but of course I didn't listen to mom because I wanted to prove Elisabeth wrong. I told her that Mom thought I could getter marks then her. This made her go ballistic and she ran over to mom and told mom what I said. Mom started to laugh and told Elisabeth that what I said was not the most accurate, but technically Mom never said no. So through out these past 4 years, she constantly waited for my report card to come home and would compare what I got to her when she was in that grade. Just this past report card, I told Elisabeth that I got two 96% and then she responded saying "Well, when I was in Grade 8, I got seven of them and my average was 6% higher than yours!" Our debate continued on and I will still compete with the standing marks she has left me through Grades 9 to 12.

Elisabeth has left me some pretty big footsteps to fill and I am nervous of my trip ahead, but I am prepared for where ever life takes me. I now have a special angel above me who can fly free through the gates of Heaven, and can protect me all the time like she always had.
Elisabeth I love you sooooo much and I really miss you. It is going to take a long time for this pain to go away and it probably never will leave me. I wish you could come back, but I know that that will never happen. I am scared of the time ahead of me, but I know that you will still always be there watching over me, loving me with all your heart as I will be for you.
I love you, Elisabeth, my dear Squeaker. I, your littlest sister will never forget you!



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