Elisabeth Steel Reurink

The “Elisabeth Steel Reurink Children of the Light Memorial Award Scholarship”


Specific to

All Grade 12 students in Thames Valley District School Board secondary schools, particularly those in need of financial assistance, who are going on to post-secondary education. Post-secondary education can be University, College, the trades/apprenticeship. It does not have to be full time.

Amount of Award - $1,000.00


This memorial scholarship was established by the classmates, friends, and family of Elisabeth Steel Reurink, a grade 12 student, who was killed tragically on a school skiing trip on March 5, 2009 at Blue Mountain. Elisabeth was a kind, exceptional young woman who aspired to excellence in all areas of her all-too-short life and inspired excellence in others. We believe that all children are children of the light and want to recognize children who inspire others to seek out their own personal light and inspire that light in others.


This scholarship will be granted to:

• A student who aspires to excellence in all areas of their life

• A student who has demonstrated a love of learning and a commitment to develop their full potential and make a meaningful contribution to society

• A student who demonstrates kindness, leadership, inclusive behaviour, helping others, and humility

• A student who has set goals to attain excellence, achieves excellence, originality, and integrity in one’s own work and supports those qualities in the work of others

• A student who has a supportive connection to the school community by participation in extra-curricular school activities and community volunteer work

• A student who possesses a love of the arts through reading, writing, dance, fine art, drama, computer arts or music.

Elisabeth Steel Reurink: November 15, 1991 – March 5, 2009

“Make a world where everyone knows… that peace and love are our only hope.” Elisabeth, 2005.


Selection Process

• Each school may identify a candidate, based on the above criteria, and forward the completed application form along with the required essay to Rena Princis, Executive Director, Thames Valley Education Foundation by May 16.

• The applications will be reviewed by family and members of the Elisabeth Steel Reurink Memorial Student Success Initiative. Selected candidates will be interviewed at a selected date at the Thames Valley District School Board central office.

Procedure for Applying

Application forms are available from your school's Student Services Department. In addition to the application, students must submit:

• A 500 word essay expressing their personal thoughts on the importance of excellence, kindness, inclusiveness, helping others, making a positive difference in the world, and making a world “where everyone knows that… peace and love are our only hope.”


Thursday May 16th, 2013

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